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Leopold Aschenbrenner

Leopold Aschenbrenner

Research in Economics @ Forethought Foundation and Global Priorities Institute (University of Oxford). Emergent Ventures grantee for Progress Studies. Columbia valedictorian.

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Burkean Longtermism

People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors.

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My Favorite Chad Jones Papers

Some of the very best, and most beautiful, economic theory on long-run growth.

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What I've Been Reading (June 2021)

Religion, faith and the future, level vs. growth effects, the Cuban Missile Crisis, science fiction, and more.

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Benjamin Yeoh Interviews Me (Podcast)

A good introduction to my general worldview. Covering existential risk, economic growth, declining fertility rates, and much more.

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Ideas Not Mattering Is A Psyop

Conventional startup and business wisdom has become “there are plenty of good ideas, all that matters is execution.” We don’t buy it.

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A $57,600 Check for Every Newborn

To boost birth rates, make child benefits more useful and more salient by paying them out up front.

A $57,600 Check for Every Newborn
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Wear a Weird-Looking Mask

On mass delusion, sticking out, and cultivating the everyday habits of liberalism.

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The Economics of Decoupling

America’s economic dependence on China creates a security vulnerability. But tariffs are royally ineffective at mitigating this vulnerability. I consider the underlying informational problem.

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Against Netflix

Too many great minds waste away their time watching Netflix. Worse, we have made that culturally acceptable. For a TV-temperance movement.

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Canada and Mexico Should Join the Union

Expanding America would arrest our decadent decline and sustain American hegemony. An exploration of a crazy idea.